The principal objectives of the COMMISSION shall be to:

  1. Promote all State and Federal Water Laws and Policies;
  2. Create, promote, and preserve efficient industry and market structures, and to ensure optimal utilization of resources for the provision of Water Services;
  3. Maximize access to Water Services, by promoting and facilitating consumer connections to distribution systems in urban areas and small towns, and provision of water in rural areas;
  4. Ensure adequate supply of water to consumers and that consumers (including low-income or vulnerable consumers) benefit from any gains from increased competition arid efficiency;
  5. Ensure that the rates and fees charged by Water Services Providers are sufficient to finance their activities and allow for reasonable earnings for efficient operation;
  6. Control wastewater management and discharge;
  7. Ensure the safety, security, reliability, and quality of service in the production and delivery of water to consumers;
  8. Make Regulations for protection of the integrity of the investments of the Water Services Providers in the sector by ensuring that the providers are able to recoup their investments without undue prejudice to the interest of the consumers;
  9. Make Regulations to ensure the availability of the water resources of the State to the generality of the residents of the State by controlling the sinking of boreholes;
  10. Ensure that Regulation is fair and balanced for Water Services Providers, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders;
  11. Receive complaints and resolve disputes between consumers and Water Services providers;
  12. Ensure that regulatory decision-making has regard to all relevant health, safety, environmental and social legislation applying to the water sector; and
  13. Promote consistency in Regulation between States on a National basis.